Forgive me for I am quite scatterbrained lately.  I plan on elaborating on these topics within the next week.

Picture Booth

  1. Guests will be given the chance to have their picture taken by a professional photographer. Background will feature Partida sponsored logo, etc
  2. Guests will be given a QR code to find their picture on the Partida events website


Partida Extravagant Lifestyles game

  1. guests are able to pick the character of their choice
  2. each week they will get the opportunity to engage in a new activity/extreme lifestyle activity
  3. collect partida points redeemable for items or tangibles


Partida’s taste of heaven contest

  1. consumers will go to as many partida event locations as possible to collect point
  2. site will have to have log in page
  3. consumer must pick from 3 scenarios that is closest to their ideal “taste of heaven” scenario
  4. Guests will be able to check in at partida sponsored events via QR code