Sooooo….. from what we talked about last week, I thought I could most definitely incorporate the whole “connecting with the consumer” thing to the Partida brand.  They have a strong sense of brand identity and I believe that selling the experience of Partida is just as important as selling the alcoholic beverage itself.  Since Parida is a high end tequila I believe we should sell a high end/unforgettable experience.  Luxury is about enjoying the rare/exclusive things in life, having what others cannot.  We want to embody that ethic in the Partida brand.  As I like to say would you want filet mignon or Salisbury steak?……. I thought so.



My idea was to have VIP tents/rooms/booths at regular/mundane events.  i.e. clubs, concerts (outdoor and indoor), theatrical shows, events that sell alcoholic drinks. Guests would be invited into the tent to experience life with Partida and life without Partida.  I realize that this will not attract some consumers, but that is the point! We weed out the ones who are not are target.  The tent would be elegantly decorated with silks, velvet, and leather.  Furniture will be of a traditional style.  The room will boast absolute decadence and worldliness!!!!!!!! Like Teddy Roosevelt!! Yeahhhhh!

This project was created for educational purposes and is in no way intended for commercial gain or as a source of public information.