Sooooooo after our class discussion on advergaming I got a few ideas in my little old head.  With so many games available on facebook, mobile apps, etc there are countless opportunities for product placement.

I started out by looking at the most popular game apps on Facebook and I found the following to be of use:

Good old Farmville!!!!  How could I not use this wonderful little goldmine??

The farming process is uber important when it comes to manufacturing tequila.  Agave, a plant closely related to the aloe vera plant, is the heart and soul of tequila.  Piggy-backing on the whole Tropicana orange growing idea, I think we can incorporate the agave plant into the mix and create partida tequila.




Same concept as the above, grow these crops and create a business from it…. like a tequila distillery.






These so called “it girls” get invites to the most exclusive parties and so on.  They strive to live these out of the world lives.  So what better place to feature a product placement?!?!? You want to be the best so mingle with the best!!  I’m thinking Partida lounges, Partida gifts, Partida everything!!!!!!!





Same concept as the above.  The whole “millionaire” concept associated with the brand.  We want to be popular like Patron but exclusive like Louis XIII.

OHHHHHH YEAHHHH….. lots of ideas brewing in the pot!