I chose Partida Tequila as my client because of their strong sense of brand identity and originality.  Partida is different from all of the other tequilas because of their pride, passion, and most importantly their origins.  Tequila is made of agave, a spiky plant grown in Mexico, generally grown from 7-10 years then harvested.  Its core, the Piña, provides the sugars needed to make the alcohol.  There are two different styles of tequila, one is made from the agave grown in the volcanic Amatican Valley and the other uses agave grown in the Jalisco Mountain Range.  The agave plants used to make Paritda tequila come from the Partida family ranch in the Amatican Valley.  It is because they only use one supplier that their product has the same high quality and consistency in each and every batch.  The Partida family believes that their tequila is not like any other, it is not suited for your stereotypical frat party, drunken escapades, or spring break.  This is a high quality product that can be paired with food and savored like fine wine.  The brand looks to re-introduce the world to tequila and dismiss current labels that have been tied to the spirit.  Other brands tend to point out their modern qualities and chic bottle designs with their “life is a party” attitudes.  The difference between these brands and Partida can be compared to what is considered “old money” and “new money.”  They’re usually selling a “top notch” product with no real class.  Partida strives to dismiss all of these fads and bring a touch of class to the market.

This project was created for educational purposes and is in no way intended for commercial gain or as a source of public information.