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Marketing Plan

Situation Analysis


Partida is different from all of the other tequilas because of their pride, passion, and most importantly their origins.  Tequila is made of agave, a spikey plant grown in Mexico.   It is generally grown from 7-10 years then harvested.  Its core, the Piña, provides the sugars needed to make the alcohol.  The agave used to make Paritda tequila comes from the Partida family ranch in the Amatitan Valley.  It is because they only use one supplier that their product has the same high quality and consistency in each and every batch.  The Partida family believes that their tequila is not like any other, it is not suited for your stereotypical frat party, drunken escapades, or spring break.  This is a high quality product that can be paired with food and savored like fine wine.

The brand looks to re-introduce the world to tequila and dismiss current labels that have been tied to the spirit.  Other brands tend to point out their modern qualities and chic bottle designs with their “life is a party” attitudes.  The difference between these brands and Partida can be compared to what is considered “old money” and “new money.”  They’re usually selling a “top notch” product with no real class.  Partida strives to dismiss all of these fads and bring a touch of class to the market.

Macro Environs

The current US economy is still fluctuating with home owners foreclosing left and right.  Many businesses, primarily banks are filing for bankruptcy and closing down.  Though many Americans are affected by this downturn in the economy, families with a gross income of more than $100k are the least affected by the economic downturn, making them primary consumers for our product.

SWOT Analysis

They have a strong sense of brand identity and originality.  They place a heavy emphasis on pride, passion, and most importantly their origins.


Partida is a fairly new brand compared to other tequilas.  Their awareness levels are quite low when compared to other distilleries.


While other brands seem to emphasize the ‘party’ lifestyle, Partida seeks to reintroduce the public to tequila as something that can be savored.


Our message might get lost in the slew of tequilas already present in today’s market.

Marketing Strategy
This product already exists, thus it is an old product in a new market, making this a Market Development strategy.



Our target will be Caucasian and African American men between the ages of 30 to 40 years of age.  Their individual gross income will be $90,000 – $150,000.  He will be college educated with either a Bachelor or Master’s Degree.  He will be either married or single with little to no children and a dog.

He will reside in urban environments such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Washington DC.

He will be well traveled taking approximately 3.5 international trips a year as well as 10-15 domestic trips a year on average.   He values control, power and status.  They are very social beings and love an adventure.  They are actualizers, achievers, and experiencers.  They are levels 4 & 5 on the Maslow pyramid seeking things morality, achievement and the respect of others.

Behavioral Characteristics
These men are very brand loyal and will pay for premium quality in a product.  They have to be the first to have everything.

Benefits Sought
They are seeking to find products that complement their social and economic status, something that not everyone can have or appreciate.


In today’s market there are numbers of top-shelf tequila brands.  Examples would be Patron, Don Julio, Casa Noble, Cabo Wabo, 1800, etc.  They all seem to carry the same message,  PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!

Strategy Statement & Creative Brief

The interactive advertising campaign will convince our target audience that Partida Tequila stimulates a more positive and classy interaction with tequila by re-educating and introducing them to a finer, premium tequila.

The Support will be Partida sponsored social events ranging from local concerts to upscale lounges and bars.

What is the personality we want to convey?

The personality that we want to convey is tasteful sophistication and class with a modern twist.

Why are we advertising?

To raise the total percentage of awareness and gain a new consumer base.

Whom are we talking to?

Men 30 to 40 years of age, who are high ranking executives searching for products that reflect their economic and social status.

What do they currently think?

Tequila is your typical frat boy/party monster drink.  It is something you drink when you’re on spring break with your buddies or in the club.

What would we like them to think?

We want them to think that Partida tequila can be something to savor like fine wine.  They can be paired with foods and sipped.

What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey?

When they try our product, whether at a social gathering, or at home, we want them to think that this product is an invaluable re-introduction to tequila in a classy, yet modern approach.  A harmonious mix of paramount old world taste and new world tactics.

Why should they believe it?

We believe that through experiential marketing, we will engage the targeted consumer to give tequila another chance. We want the product to be a personal experience of quality and class.



With everything going interactive this day and age, Partida tequila will use multiple vehicles to deliver their message.

Partida sponsored musical events

We want to sell an experience vs. plainly selling an alcoholic drink.  The idea is to have VIP tents/rooms/booths at regular/mundane events.  i.e. lounges and concerts (outdoor and indoor), basically events that sell alcoholic drinks. Guests would be invited into the tent to experience life with Partida and life without Partida.  This will be a way to weed out the consumers who are not the target.  The tent would be elegantly decorated with silks, velvet, and leather.  Furniture will be of a traditional style.  The room will boast absolute decadence and worldliness. 

Events will also have a Picture Booth

  • Guests will be given the chance to have their picture taken by a professional photographer. Background will feature Partida sponsored logo, etc
  • Guests will be given a QR code to find their picture on the Partida events website raising awareness and traffic to the site… who doesn’t want their picture taken?!?

Partida’s Around the World in 80 Days Contest

Consumers will go to partida sponsored events happening around their city to collect points.  Guests will be able to check in at partida sponsored events via QR code.  The guest with the most points in each promo city will receive an experience of a lifetime and travel the world all paid for by Partida.  Inspiration would be the Jules Verne classic, Around the World in 80 days.

Partida Mobile App

The app will encourage new experiences with tequila.  The user will be able to access food pairings, food and drink recipes, and video tutorials.



Branded Entertainment

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Soooo…. I was thinking we could create a mini series that accompanies a popular show that is already in a prime-time spot.  Episodes would piggyback the main show and would play during or before commercial breaks.  The series could possibly air as the weeks pass by or during one specific show.  The series would highlight the Partida brand and what it represents… Luxury to the fullest.  The series could also air on hulu as a 4 minute commercial as an opt in.

Random ramblings…..

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Forgive me for I am quite scatterbrained lately.  I plan on elaborating on these topics within the next week.

Picture Booth

  1. Guests will be given the chance to have their picture taken by a professional photographer. Background will feature Partida sponsored logo, etc
  2. Guests will be given a QR code to find their picture on the Partida events website


Partida Extravagant Lifestyles game

  1. guests are able to pick the character of their choice
  2. each week they will get the opportunity to engage in a new activity/extreme lifestyle activity
  3. collect partida points redeemable for items or tangibles


Partida’s taste of heaven contest

  1. consumers will go to as many partida event locations as possible to collect point
  2. site will have to have log in page
  3. consumer must pick from 3 scenarios that is closest to their ideal “taste of heaven” scenario
  4. Guests will be able to check in at partida sponsored events via QR code


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Sooooooo after our class discussion on advergaming I got a few ideas in my little old head.  With so many games available on facebook, mobile apps, etc there are countless opportunities for product placement.

I started out by looking at the most popular game apps on Facebook and I found the following to be of use:

Good old Farmville!!!!  How could I not use this wonderful little goldmine??

The farming process is uber important when it comes to manufacturing tequila.  Agave, a plant closely related to the aloe vera plant, is the heart and soul of tequila.  Piggy-backing on the whole Tropicana orange growing idea, I think we can incorporate the agave plant into the mix and create partida tequila.




Same concept as the above, grow these crops and create a business from it…. like a tequila distillery.






These so called “it girls” get invites to the most exclusive parties and so on.  They strive to live these out of the world lives.  So what better place to feature a product placement?!?!? You want to be the best so mingle with the best!!  I’m thinking Partida lounges, Partida gifts, Partida everything!!!!!!!





Same concept as the above.  The whole “millionaire” concept associated with the brand.  We want to be popular like Patron but exclusive like Louis XIII.

OHHHHHH YEAHHHH….. lots of ideas brewing in the pot!

SEO – Brain Fart week :[

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Well I don’t have much content for this week but I did search Google, Bing, and Yahoo for “Tequila”…. here’s what I found: (in order)


  1. Jose Cuervo
  2. Suaza
  3. 1800
  4. Cabo Wabo
  5. Casa Noble
  6. Don Julio
  7. Partida
  8. Hornitos
  9. Patron
  10. Tila Tequila… hahaha

Bing & Yahoo:

  1. Jose Cuervo
  2. Patron
  3. Cabo Wabo
  4. Mezcal
  5. Margaritaville

Looks like Jose Cuervo has game on lock!  I was definitely surprised to see Patron on the third page of my google search.  It was absolutely shocking!!  Partida didnt even show up til mid way second page but I am not surprised at all.

I also checked out the landing pages of the top 5 and Partida.  Here’s how many times they listed the word “Tequila” (visibly):

Partida – 14
Jose Cuervo – 3
Patron – 1
Suaza – 1
Cabo Wabo – 0
1800 – 0
Casa Noble – 7


Social Marketing – Facebook & Twitter

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hello hello!

This week I was searching through different social media outlets for tid bits on Partida Tequila.  As usual they have a facebook fan page promoting their National Margarita Day contest as well as other PR pieces.  Currently the brand has 1,109 fans as opposed to the 51,887 Jose Cuervo fans.  This is CRUCIAL.  How in the world will anyone know about these contests if you have no fans?!?!?! I think we need to increase our awareness through other vehicles before we see any action on facebook.  As far as the current facebook page goes they’re doing a good job at talking with the consumer/fans by targeting certain geographical areas and teaming up with the local bars.

i.e.Tequila Partida New Yorkers, the weekend is almost upon you. And the Brooklyn Bowl on Wythe Avenue is ready to make your Partida cocktails… Friday at 3:05pm

Overall the FB content needs a big huge face lift.  As far as twitter goes, there are not a lot of tweets about them either.  The number yo-yos each week yielding 6-12 tweets a week.  Sadness…. absolute sadness….  all we can do it strengthen awareness elsewhere in order to get this user generated sweet stuff.

Experiencing Partida – Social Events

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Sooooo….. from what we talked about last week, I thought I could most definitely incorporate the whole “connecting with the consumer” thing to the Partida brand.  They have a strong sense of brand identity and I believe that selling the experience of Partida is just as important as selling the alcoholic beverage itself.  Since Parida is a high end tequila I believe we should sell a high end/unforgettable experience.  Luxury is about enjoying the rare/exclusive things in life, having what others cannot.  We want to embody that ethic in the Partida brand.  As I like to say would you want filet mignon or Salisbury steak?……. I thought so.



My idea was to have VIP tents/rooms/booths at regular/mundane events.  i.e. clubs, concerts (outdoor and indoor), theatrical shows, events that sell alcoholic drinks. Guests would be invited into the tent to experience life with Partida and life without Partida.  I realize that this will not attract some consumers, but that is the point! We weed out the ones who are not are target.  The tent would be elegantly decorated with silks, velvet, and leather.  Furniture will be of a traditional style.  The room will boast absolute decadence and worldliness!!!!!!!! Like Teddy Roosevelt!! Yeahhhhh!

This project was created for educational purposes and is in no way intended for commercial gain or as a source of public information.

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